iProperty.com Malaysia launches Property blog

Asia’s top real estate listing provider shares timely updates and information through company blog

iProperty.com Malaysia takes keeping in touch with its customers, realtors and partners to a whole new level. Updated a few times a week, the blog features information that is both useful and interesting at the same time.

Online PR News – 12-January-2011 – – Whether you’re located in Puchong, Penang, Melaka or Johor, the blog will have information that is relevant to wherever you’re staying or searching. Designed with its readers in mind, the blog offers articles related to the real estate industry, real estate news, online trends, people and iProperty Malaysia updates. The blog also features as a venue for interaction between its readers and its members through the intuitive commenting system.

Aside from admin-generated content, the blog will also feature questions and queries from users that can be of use to anyone that is reading the blog. Questions and concerns raised will be answered by iProperty Malaysia’s experts and fellow realtors who are knowledgeable in the field as well.

“The blog really helped a lot when it came time to making decisions when it came time to sign the papers,” said a reader of the blog when it first launched a few weeks ago. “It adds a personal touch to the very professional manner that iProperty Malaysia conducts its business, I know I’m dealing with real people.”

Property auctions

Aside from listing interesting articles and iProperty Malaysia updates, the blog also features property auctions that will be held in the near future. You can see opinions and analysis by fellow realtors on speculated value of the auction property.

iProperty Malaysia also has a dedicated section in their main site for answering questions regarding property auctions. Costs, locations and advice can be had from property experts called iExperts within the iProperty system.

Real Estate News

People who deal with real estate know that any piece of news may affect the property values of any piece of land at any time. This is why the iProperty Malaysia blog features the latest in news that may affect the value of properties listed within the site. This news coupled with the right investment choices can lead to either a good investment or a bad investment.

Announcements for new developments, market reports and property mergers will also be featured on the blog for those that follow these pieces. Big news pieces will always affect, directly and indirectly, the price of any given property. Given the right analysis, the pieces and opinions showcased on the blog can help the readers and realtors of iProperty Malaysia get the best for their money.

Keeping it Social

It has been recognized that people need a break every so often. The blog also offers pieces on the latest trends on the internet, social networks and the blogosphere to help the readers relax.

The blog is accessible through http://blog.iproperty.com.my/ and anyone can sign up to receive updates and posts as soon as they’re made.

iProperty.com Malaysia is an online property hub by iProperty.Com group. iProperty.com Malaysia continues to garner awards including the recent CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2009. The real estate portal has maintained its no. 1 spot as certified by Frost & Sullivan, Comscore and Google Ad Planner. For property enquiries, email my.info@iproperty.com. Visit the iProperty Malaysia website at www.iproperty.com.my