Lee Negin Electronica Hits Charts

New album, 'Hungry Ghosts,' blends multiple genres of techno, industrial, collage, electronica and more.

Online PR News – 13-January-2011 – – Returning from a too-long hiatus, Lee Negin launches his electric and eclectic new album, HUNGRY GHOSTS (Passing Phase Records) with an official release on February 1st. Fan reaction to the songs on streaming sites and YouTube videos has been strong, with many comments of the "trippy" and "mind-bending" variety.

Tracks from the album have already received strong response on the Maemeeti international tracking charts, with "Masks" reaching #2 on the Indie Dance/Nu Disco chart and "The Dance" #3 on House-Electro. On the Reverb Nation electronica chart, "Masks" was #3 in Korea for three months.

Album sonics are being praised by audiophiles. "I am honored that 'Hungry Ghosts' was mixed by Simon Humphrey who has worked with Jeff Beck, the Clash and Hans Zimmer," states Negin, "and fortunate that the album was mastered by Jon Astley, who has worked with Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin and The Who."

Press and radio are expressing positive reactions: "Weirdness and a bohemian approach" and "Pure entertainment" states Pro Mobile Magazine in the UK. "Mixture of ambient and electro pop. Very much a mind-bending trip of sounds. Outstanding album," noted Paul ED on Music World Radio, adding that it was "great on loud systems." The John Shelton Ivany Top 21 said, "Smoke and acid storm around until you see monsters and angels floating out of the mouths of gurus."

After playing "The Dance" on the Sheena Metal Experience at LATalkRadio, Ms. Metal said "Sometimes people who have had near-death experiences say that they are taken to a place where their entire life flashes before their eyes, and in 'The Dance,' that's what I felt."

Upon hearing the album, the venerable New Music Express exclaimed that "This is a bit too far off the wall for us." When informed of their reaction, Negin replied: "Very cool! I am honored!" While this was happening, the NME was featuring eight of Negin's music videos on their web site.

Negin and numerous global colleagues are creating additional videos for "Hungry Ghosts" songs as well as other compositions. In addition, Negin has completed a new album of ambient music entitled "Wu Wei" to be released in the summer of 2011, and this month sees the release of an EP containing his video soundtracks. The EP, entitled "Surfing the Microcosmic Orbit: Video Themes, Volume 1," will be available on the artist's Bandcamp page.

Meanwhile, there will be two simultaneous radio premieres of "Hungry Ghosts," one on the USA-based Sheena Metal Experience (LATalkRadio-dot-com) and the other on Paul Readman's UK-based show (MusicWorldRadio-dot-com).

"Hungry Ghosts" is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp and Amazon. Breakout tracks: "Saga of Cheeze," "Pas de Deux," "Mahayana," and the title song.