Ignite’s New Office Guarantees On-Budget Software Offshoring

Guaranteed on-time and on-budget projects are now available to US companies. Ignite, a leading Israeli offshore Software Services provider, named Steve Organek as Director of U.S. Client Services to lead the new office in the SF Bay Area.

Online PR News – 12-January-2011 – – San Francisco, CA – Ignite Ltd., a leading Israeli offshore Software Services company with development centers in Eastern Europe, has announced the opening of its US office in Northern California to serve the needs of U.S. clients.

“Ignite guarantees that software projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. That’s an exciting proposition for start-ups and established companies that can’t risk projects going off track.” said Steve Organek, Ignite’s new Director of U.S. Client Services designated to lead the U.S. office. “More than 60% of software outsourcing projects fail to meet their cost-saving objectives. Ignite does not let projects become a statistic.”

Ignite, founded in 2006, provides an open approach to enterprise-scale software development. Their unique global onsite/offshore delivery model, that combines the best of on-site project management and offshore cost-effectiveness, provides the communication levels required for success while providing pricing comparable to India and side-stepping the attrition rates and cultural barriers often associated with outsourcing.

“Ignite’s Clear-Box Software Outsourcing™ methodology is tailor-made to meet the customers’ need to keep control of the project without managing it on a daily basis” per Mr. Organek. By using the Clear-Box Software Outsourcing™ methodology Ignite can guarantee:

- Clear price and delivery date using Ignite’s Agile Fixed Price Engagement model.
- Clear communications using Ignite’s Global Onsite-Offshore Delivery model.
- Clear progress visibility through Ignite’s Distributed Agile Development Process.

Mr. Organek said “It’s not just our methods. It’s our people. In today’s world, for a state-of-the-art solution from the most skilled programmers – go to Israel and Eastern Europe. Other outsource territories are characterised mostly by a mass of people that can be recruited in a short time.

Ignite’s client base, from start-ups to Fortune 100s, have found success with Clear-Box Software Outsourcing™. The list of clients include leading global telecommunication vendors, leading global media companies and global gaming vendors. Ignite has expertise across a variety of domains including telecom, finance, e-commerce, new media and social networking, and business process management (BPM), among many.

Ignite’s range of pricing models include milestone-based pricing and Agile fixed-price. According to Mr. Organek, “Ignite's engagement models maximize ROI and provide better flexibility than the traditional Fixed-price or Time and Materials models.”

Software development organizations love to lower costs and risks. Even as their needs change, Ignite’s customers can outsource using the most appropriate financial and strategic model while maintaining continuity of personnel, high quality, high productivity and strong alignment to ever-changing business needs. With an unusual Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, Ignite will migrate clients from outsourcing in Ignite’s facilities; to an operation Built by Ignite for the client so the client can reap the benefits while Ignite Operates it; and upon the client’s needs and will, Transfer it to the organization to be a fully owned distributed development center. These three stages align Ignite’s interests with the client’s rather than treating the client as a never-ending cash cow.

About Ignite, Ltd.

Ignite Ltd. is a leading Israeli offshore software services provider with development centers in Eastern Europe and offices in Israel, the U.S. and Europe.

Ignite offers technical consulting, software outsourcing services, software testing services and ISO 9001 compliant software development services. The Technical Consulting services include architecture design, application benchmarking and tuning, proof of concept and outsourcing readiness. The Clear-Box Software Outsourcing services are based on a unique combination of fixed-price engagement, global onsite-offshore delivery model for clear communication and a distributed agile development methodology. The software testing services are staffed in Israel and Eastern Europe.

Ignite also offers A-Test™, an advanced automated Agile testing suite and provides offshore staffing for companies that manage their own projects.

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