Burn Survivor goes from Near Death to Success by Winning Awards, Writing a Book and Speaking

Kelly Falardeau released her second book and will be speaking about "No Risk No Rewards", her journey as a burn survivor who went from Near Death to Success.

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January 11, 2011

Burn Survivor goes from Near Death to Success by Winning Awards, Writing a Book and Speaking about “No Risk No Rewards”

Kelly Falardeau was the winner of the Twitter’s People Choice Award and Fierce Woman of the Year 2010 Award, but her story is not that of your typical person, she went from Near Death to Success and is now speaking about it. She recently wrote a book about her journey on how she overcame all odds and didn’t let her scars stop her from taking the risk to gain the reward.

Falardeau suffered a tragic accident when she was only two years old, leaving her with burns on 75% of her body. She wasn’t expected to survive, and she wasn’t expected to be successful; but she beat the odds and did both!

Discover her story of growing up through countless surgeries, how the love of her family allowed her to lead a normal life, and how she found her passion inspiring others to take chances and make mistakes in order to achieve their goals. Falardeau believes that you need to tell your fearful inner voice to take a hike and let your FEARLESS inner voice take over.

Falardeau says, “I was never given an option to quit. If I wanted to do something, I just did it. I wasn’t allowed to let my scars stop me.” When speaking about No Risk No Rewards, Kelly reminds everyone that if you don’t take the risk, you have a 100% failure rate.

Cheryl Cran says, “Kelly’s message is a heartfelt one to all of us that there is nothing that can stop us from moving ahead. Her inspirational story of being a survivor, a mother, a wife and speaker will help anyone listening to feel that they too can do whatever they set their mind to do.”

Dr. Paula Fellingham says, “Some folks use their “challenges” as crutches and excuses. Kelly uses hers as stepping stones to greatness. Kelly is a woman who never quit when she was down and now she stands tall, beckoning others to learn through the life lessons she shares in her outstanding book.”

Falardeau’s life story is an inspiration to all people, especially those who struggle in meeting the “success ideal.” Growing up amidst whispers, stares and rejection, Falardeau learned quickly the meaning of “pulling yourself up by the boot straps and creating your own reality.”

Falardeau will be a motivational speaker at the next Business Boost Success club on Jan. 20, 2011 in Calgary and Jan. 22, 2011 in Lethbridge.

The Business Boost Club is a networking and masterminding group that is focused on helping individuals succeed in business and in their own personal lives. This club is strategically based on bringing in top business success education by showcasing speakers such as: Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Secret), Frank Maguire (Founder of FedEx), Brian Tracy, Bob Doyle (The Secret), Marci Shimoff (The Secret, Chicken Soup), Douglas Vermeeren (The Opus, How Thoughts Become Things), Jill Lublin (Guerrilla Publicity), Morris Goodman (The Secret) and many others!
The Business Boost Club is also proud to be opening a Lethbridge Chapter whereby Falardeau will be their keynote speaker. She will be speaking about ‘No Risks, No Rewards’ and will also have her new book with her for attendees to purchase.

-- About Kelly Falardeau
Kelly is a burn survivor who uses her experience and scars to teach others how to embrace their differences and celebrate their beauty -- inside and out. She is a successful entrepreneur, creator and producer of a niche market documentary called SexAbility and the author of the newly released book “No Risk No Rewards.” She is past president of the Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society and a strong supporter of the Canadian Burn Foundation and Alberta Children’s Burn Camp. A wife and mother of three kids including a set of identical twins, Falardeau enjoys success as an international motivational keynote speaker and blogger (www.mykellyf.com or http://blog.mykellyf.com).

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