Aruba's Water Sports Discussed by Aruba Rentals Agency

The owner of Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, an Aruba rentals company, discusses the island's water sports.

Online PR News – 13-January-2011 – – Aruba - Aruba's biggest draw is the crystal clear water that surrounds the island - and many visitors want to enjoy the ocean to the fullest.
Matthew Smillie, from the Aruba rentals company Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, details different water sports that Aruba's visitors find particularly rewarding.
Snorkeling: "Enjoy yourself in the island's warm, clear oceans with some snorkeling," suggests Smillie, the proprietor of an Aruba vacation rental agency. Snorkeling is a pastime that swimmers of all ages can participate in.

It transports people into a new world - where they can view live coral reefs or have a face-to-face meeting with a colorful fish, Smillie says. The island has boat trips to many of the finest snorkeling locales, although many visitors just grab a mask and head for the nearest beach.
Snuba: "Would you love to visit greater depths than snorkeling will permit, but you haven't learned to scuba dive?" asks Smillie, the owner of an Aruba beach villas agency.. If so, he suggests that visitors consider snuba (a combination of snorkeling and scuba). Snuba combines the freedom of scuba with the safety and ease of snorkeling. Without any specialized training, a visitor can explore to the ocean depths while using a breathing device connected to a pressurized air tank bobbing on the water"s surface.

Scuba Diving: "Aruba's visitors enjoy some of the finest scuba diving in the world," observes Smillie, whose agency rents villas in Aruba ( The oceans are full of vividly colored fish and captivating sea creatures; Aruba also has a number of shipwrecks, some dating back to World War II. For those without scuba diving experience, many places offer three-hour courses that let participants do a 30-foot dive. Students have a lesson in the pool and then an hour to view one of the underwater shipwrecks.

For those in search of a more challenging diving experience, try for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors scuba diver level. This certification necessitates a two-day course which includes three hours of classroom time - and dives in the pool and on open water. Those who achieve this level can dive up to 40 feet when accompanied by a dive professional.

Open water diver certification requires participation in a four-day class with four hours of classroom instruction in the first two days. On the other two days, students take a two-hour classroom course. Practical experience includes four assisted dives - two must be done after the student has passed a written exam.
"No matter what you're looking for, Aruba has a way that everyone can experience the ocean's beauty," says Smillie, whose agency will also schedule an Aruba golf vacation (

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