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Dr. Bert Vorstman’s site provides comprehensive information about a leading killer among men and treatment possibilities.

Online PR News – 11-January-2011 – – Coral Springs, FL- January 11, 2011 – Dr. Bert Vorstman has long been known as one of Florida’s leading urologists in the field of prostate cancer treatment and research. His website,, has risen to the top as one of the most authoritative sites on the web discussing the disease. Through the site, Dr. Vorstman has educated thousands about the potential killer and one of the most innovative ways to treat it, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU. offers a wealth of information about prostate cancer itself. When asked about this, Dr. Vorstman said, “Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancers in men. I believe it is vital for men facing a diagnosis to understand the disease and have an authoritative site they can turn to for answers to their many questions. I designed to be that site, and all information on the site is either written by or reviewed by myself, so I can verify that it is both accurate and up-to-date.”

On the site, men can read about incidence, prognosis and cure rates. They can also review the various prostate cancer treatment options available, viewing their benefits and risks side by side. “This allows patients and their partners to be fully informed as they make decisions about pursuing treatment,” said Dr. Vorstman.

The website also discusses an HIFU in great detail. This minimally invasive treatment has not yet received approval in the United States, but Dr. Vorstman is working hard to see that happen in the near future. “In the meantime,” he said, “patients interested in the benefits of HIFU for treating their prostate cancers can visit international treatment facilities for care.”

When asked why he wanted to inform patients about HIFU, Dr. Vorstman replied, “I believe that, for some patients, HIFU represents the best possible treatment option. Its low risk of side effects accompanied by its high success rate make it an excellent choice for patients who qualify. I want to point people to this treatment option before they make their final decision.

About Dr. Vorstman and

Dr. Bert Vorstman is a leading urology expert who practices in southern Florida. He believes in pursuing minimally invasive treatments for diseases like prostate cancer. As a result, he established (, an informative website that teaches prostate cancer patients about their disease and treatments, focusing on HIFU and other minimally invasive techniques.

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