Bizomart ready to announce the launch of SociDeck – the Social Interaction Technology

The socialite promises smooth management across 3 social channels Facebook, Twitter & Instagram through a single dashboard.

Online PR News – 11-September-2017 – Rajasthan, September 11, 2017 – Bizomart LLC, the IM-specialist firm is ready with another automation software from its extensive portfolio of proven and tested conglomerations. This time the IM firm would be delighting the online marketers with a management tool that would make the social media management a super-fun exercise.

The multi-functional socialite software – SociDeck, is scheduled for a launch on September 13th, at 9:00 AM EST, on JVzoo Affiliate Network. Big benefits for early birds (first 3 hours only).

Bizomart, over the years has understood the psychology of work from home entrepreneurs, which are the solo-fighters leading, managing and confronting challenges for their businesses. The critical need to lead in fast-changing digital marketing business territories leaves many marketers confused and unprepared.

To establish your brand amongst the huge fraternity of social accounts is a big challenge. Once fascinated, users fall in the habit of getting fresh feeds and interesting content which provides some valuable insights. Multi-tasking across all the major social networks throughout the day is burgeoning, when other important aspects of product and service delivery, capital management and customer-relationship also need to be addressed.

Aimed at delivering solutions that simplify the management process and accelerate growth, Bizomart is introducing a Social Interaction Technology – SociDeck. Three of the biggest social channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all can be managed through a single dashboard. Thoughts, comments, share, likes and other vital stats of demographics, most-clicked hashtags, and engagement rates all can be examined to prepare future strategies.

Posts and feed scheduling, queuing, RRS feed timeline and notification can also be defined across the 3 social platforms. You can add and upload images along with the posts and can tag the posts, retweets & comments to view later. Amongst the many convincing features, social account management can be extended to team members and privileges can be assigned by the Admin.
Client servicing can also be offered as SociDeck being conceptualized on SaaS model, a user can attain the license to manage the client’s social accounts.
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According to Dr. Pareek, CEO, Bizomart, “Marketing automation tools and software are becoming the preferred choice of online marketers, as not only they provide the ease of managing bulk of data but saves exponentially on time and money. Social Media Management automation has gained hype over the last few years and is a much-needed technology that every marketer wants to adopt with custom tailoring to fit his budget and need.
SociDeck would benefit with assistance in managing multi-social accounts and building reputation amongst audiences that have been loyal to the brand and now want a personalized attention. A cloud-based service that would prove to be a profitable decision.”

Pricing and Plans
Coming over to the pricing model and plans offered by Bizomart for the social media assistant, the basic versions are offered in two variants Front-End Starter at $27 and Front-End Pro at $29.95
The Upsell versions are scaled as Elite Edition at $47 and Enterprise Edition at $67. An exclusive and limited time edition offering complete developers right, the Resellers Edition is tagged at $97.

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