ModTech Global Just Launched its MODI Karaoke Kit

ModTech Global ( just launched their first ever MODI Karaoke Kit.

Online PR News – 08-September-2017 – Newport Beach, California - September 2017 – Newport Beach, California - September 2017 - ModTech Global (http:// just launched their first ever MODI Karaoke Kit. Customers are now able to buy the karaoke kit through ModTech Global’s Affiliates. This MODI Karaoke Kit is promised to answer some MODI issues such as not having a direct port for a microphone, and ease of use. The karaoke kit will also produce a crisper sound since the voiceregistry comes directly from MODI and is transmitted to the TV’s HDMI port.

The MODI Karaoke Kit comes with 2 wireless microphones which allow better handling and use. It also comes with a mixer that gives the user some flexibility in voice and sound production. The MODI Karaoke Kit was designed to match ModTech Global’s flagship pioneer product MODI which is the world’s first practical and useful Android Streaming Device. This device features unlimited movie streaming with no subscription needed, music, games, TV shows and karaoke in a nifty little box that costs $399 a pop. A video on their website gives a brief representation of what this android box can do.

This MODI Karaoke Kit went on sale at $199 for early birds last July on its soft launching and it’s been sold out since. The original price for this is $249 and there is no reports of how long it’s going to stay on sale. MODI’s karaoke feature doesn’t need updating like other karaoke kits which need seasonal software and song upgrades and song chips ranging from $100-$150. The company claims that even if the MODI and Karaoke Kit combined cost $600 it still promises more savings for customer as it is just a one time payment.

Here are some powerful testimonies from actual people who bought MODI’s:

“One word, Powerful. and yet still unleashing its potential. keep it up!”

“Amazing Product. Best Product Ever! Excited! I Want MODI #yeg #yyc”

“Excelente compañía megusta, es la mejor y no hay comparación de la nueva Tecnología”

ModTech Global is a Filipino owned company based in California, USA. They have a total of 5 products selling through their affiliates and a business for each to match. It is widely marketed around Canada, Philippines, Hawaii and USA as an MLM company whose products are techgadgets which is a first in the industry. Their offices opens 10:00 am daily and affiliates are always ready to answer any product and business questions.