Companies in the Houston and Katy Area Affected by Hurricane Harvey can rely on Impress Computers

Impress Computers, a local IT firm is up and running and ready to assist any businesses affected by the storm

Online PR News – 30-August-2017 – Houston TX – Companies that have been affected by the horrendous Hurricane Harvey can rely on Impress Computers to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

It is going to take a while for the roadways and access to many businesses to normalize, but local IT Firm , Impress Computers is now fully operational and able to assist companies get their servers, workstations and networks back to normal.

If companies have been affected by any water damage it is important to remember not to turn the computers on as this will most likely result in blown motherboards and fried hard drives.

It is recommended to disconnect them and bring the units to Impress Computers where they can be professionally cleaned and tested. If the units are not repairable then an attempt will be made to recover the data onto another unit.

Impress Computers carries a wide range of business class computers and laptops, many of which have 3 year warranties. If a pc or laptop is not economically repairable then the data can be transferred to one of these units that is in stock.

There is also a wide range spare parts available like power supplies, hard drives and motherboards.