CCM’s Coming Market Report –Future of Functional Oligosaccharide Market in China

CCM will launch a market report on the future development of functional oligosaccharide in the late of February 2011, named Future of Functional Oligosaccharide Market in China. This report will firstly dig up the whole functional oligosaccharide industrial chain systematically and make a deep analysis on the production and distribution situation of ten specific products in this area, as well as the whole industry development tendency.

Online PR News – 10-January-2011 – – Oligosaccharide is a major research target of glycobiology, and it is recognized as a rising industry with endless business opportunity. Nowadays, oligosaccharide industry has more than 20 kinds of market-oriented products, and there are almost a hundred new types under developed. China has begun to engage in oligosaccharide related research since 1980s, but the researches realized industrialization and marketization in the middle of 1990s. According to relevant news, it’s said that the total demand of oligosaccharide products has achieved above 190,000tonnes in China in 2010, and there are more than 10 manufacturers with a total capacity of 100,000tonnes per year.

With fast development of the industry and continued improvement of technology, China’s oligosaccharide producers expand their production scale and improve product quality to pursue higher investment return. On the other hand, some negative factors, such as global economic crisis and increasing raw material price, obstruct its development to some extent.

In this research, CCM will highlight the key factors and driven forces, such as governmental policy on food safety and investment, industry standard, economic environment, etc. Besides, 11 kinds of functional oligosaccharide products like isomalto-oligosaccharide, fructo-oligosaccharide, isomaltulose, soy-oligosaccharide, etc. will be covered with an in-depth analysis of their production situation, manufacturer’s profile, technology level, mainly application, etc. In the end, CCM’s researchers will state their attitude about investment opportunity & risk and predict the future of this industry based on the previous study.

Through this report, you will benefit intelligence as follows:
 Be clear about the role of China’s functional oligosaccharide industry in the global market;
 Gain vital business intelligence of China’s functional oligosaccharide industry before entering the competition;
 Understand the actual production situation, technology level, pricing, consumption, trade of functional oligosaccharide in China and then to grasp commercial opportunities;
 Find out where Chinese functional oligosaccharide market will go next and how your business can be involved in;
 Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;
 Learn about key investment risks and opportunities;
 Understand the future trend of Chinese functional oligosaccharide industry, especially of supply and demand.

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