Branson’s Nantucket Participates in Go Green Campaign

Branson’s Nantucket builds new fractional homes with energy conservation in mind

Online PR News – 27-October-2009 – – Walter Halicki
Branson, MO

Branson’s Nantucket has announced that it is joining the Go Green campaign by building new energy effiecnt vacations homes. Branson’s Nantucket has been the leader in fractional sales in the Midwest and now wants to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint by installing energy efficient features in both their existing and future homes. “For example, exterior walls are filled with foam insulation that would be similar to that of a refrigerator enabling a smaller furnace to be used” explains James Lansdale, construction supervisor for Branson’s Nantucket. “We now install smaller and more energy efficient furnaces that consume less power.”

Lansdale went on to explain “we are also currently installing low-E type Argon gas filled windows to help insure no heat or cold air will escape through the windows. Members at Branson’s Nantucket are always thrilled to hear this since lower energy costs help reduce their maintenance fees.”

Geoff Petter the operating manager continued, “Branson’s Nantucket has been a leader in fractional sales of resort properties and we are absolutely committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Being a part of the Go Green campaign is not just for publicity.” Lansdale talked about other energy efficient changes being implemented such as new light fixtures that further reduce electrical costs. He stated, “Since landfills are filling up at alarming rates we decided to install water filters in our units for drinking water so our guests will not have to buy bottled water.”

Branson’s Nantucket also intends to encourage both their visitors and other local businesses to begin a recycle program as well. As Petter stated, “The more people and organizations we can get involved, the more positive impact we can make.”

Branson’s Nantucket is located at Stormy Point on Table Rock Lake and has a welcome center located at the entrance to the resort. Anyone interested in viewing this property can contact them directly to schedule a preview.

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