AsteriskService Announced IVR and CRM Integration for More Personalized IVR Experience

AsteriskService, a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, is a renowned VoIP and IVR solutions provider using Asterisk platform.

Online PR News – 31-August-2017 – Texas – The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology gains ground on the basis of offering more secure and safer customer experience while meeting diverse requirements like bill payment, mobile recharge, ticket booking, and the like. However, at times, IVRs fail to engage customers due to frustrating, mechanical, and monotonous interactions. IVR solution providers have found the answer to this trouble in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  integration with IVR solutions.

AsteriskService, a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, is a renowned VoIP and IVR solutions provider using Asterisk platform. The company has served the global clientele with innovative conferencing, broadcasting, and IVR solutions. Recently, the company announced IVR-CRM integration for transforming the IVR experience from a static to dynamic in terms of meeting the customer’s expectations while saving their time. Speaking on this occasion, a spokesperson at AsteriskService revealed the objective behind bringing CRM integration in customized IVR solutions with these words: “We develop IVR solutions that can be integrated with CRM as a fully engaged IVR CRM solution to provide more engaging and interactive services to the clients. A business-friendly IVR system can play more personalized IVR prompts on the basis of available CRM data combined with the user interaction. It will give more pleasant experience to the users or customers. In a way, our IVR solutions integrated with the CRM can render a personalized touch to the customers irrespective of the nature of the business.” The spokesperson also explained how CRM integrated IVR solution works to offer a pleasant user experience, “ When we integrate CRM with the existing IVR system, it will play a personalized message when the caller calls. The message is based on the available CRM details and it will guide the caller to take an informed and desired decision.” The spokesperson concluded.

Any organization can get the benefits from CRM-integrated IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Solutions), but, categorically, the eCommerce, customer support centers, and call centers can garner the maximum benefits as they are more customer-centric. Mr. Krunal Patel, AVP-Sales at Ecosmob listed some of the key features and benefits of the CRM and IVR integration in the customized solutions with these words: “Apart from basic business-friendly features of IVR system, our customized CRM-integrated IVR solution offers many benefits to the organizations. Its enterprise-grade features include real-time customer data access, call control XML processor, redesigning of current IVR scripts, DTMF, and voice-tone input support, voice XML support etc. Companies can get the IVR solution integrated with popular CRMs like Salesforce or any custom, cloud-based CRM. I think the eCommerce industry and online retailers can get the most from CRM integration with IVR system. Talking about the benefits, we can say that the businesses can offer personalized experience to the customers and get more upsell and cross-sell opportunities with our customized solution. What’s more, companies can reduce IVR to agent transfer ration and long distance carrier cost while getting improved goal conversion and RoI. We provide all-in-one IVR solution that enables organizations to create an optimal customer experience.” He concluded with a little smile on his face.

AsteriskService offers out-of-the-box CRM integration with IVR solutions. Visit the page to know more about the solution.