Launch of the IAB 360 degree ad format plugin for Revive Ad server

Launched by, the IAB 360 degree ads plugin help marketers deliver 360 degree ad formats on mobile and display devices

Online PR News – 31-August-2017 – Bangalore – The latest in the plugin line up, IAB 360 degree plugin embodies new advertising format added in IAB standard ad formats. What the plugin brings to the table is a proprietary universal 360 degree viewing also referred to as ‘magic window’ and Virtual reality (VR) viewing experience. Ads of both image and video format can be delivered onto viewers’ mobile and display devices. rnIn-case 360 degree viewing is not compatible on a device; there is always an option of switching over to standard format. Also standard images can be used by placing them in a particular manner in digital space which in-turn provides a 360 degree viewing experience. It was observed that viewers spend nine times longer on average exploring the virtual content compared to the traditional display ads. With the 360° VR space using video and images, the possibilities in ways of advertising are pretty much limitless.rnTo know more about IAB 360 degree plugin, visit the following website:rn