Northern Lights Solar Solutions Offers Compact Solar Water Heating Systems

Northern Lights Solar Solutions specializes in supplying solar watering heating systems in Canada.

Online PR News – 30-August-2017 – Winnipeg / MB – Northern Lights Solar Solutions is a premier leader in supplying pre-designed, pre-engineered solar thermal heating systems for both homes and businesses. Amongst all of its solar products, perhaps, Compact or Integrated Solar Waters is the most cost effective solar water heaters on the market. These heating systems come up with high performance TZ58 1800 SunRain Solar Collectors. They are designed strictly for the hot water applications for domestic and commercial use. A storage tank and heat pipe vacuum tubes integrated into a complete unit. These units are certified by SRCC and are designed to deliver domestic hot water for a family of 4-5 persons with an 80-gallon stainless steel made heavily insulated water tank.

The compact solar water heaters of Northern Lights Solar Solutions are installed on a roof facing south or mounted on the ground with the 45-degree frame system. The operation, connection, and installation of these systems are quite simple. Generally, the intake of cold water from the house is connected to an end and the hot water is supplied to the other end. There’s an availability of 30 tubes containing heat pipes inside the tank. When the water is heated up, it will be transferred from the vacuum tubes to the heat pipes and directly to the potable water. Usually, the hot water rises up to reach the top of the tank - where it then starts supplying hot water throughout the household.

“Our solar water heating systems are highly efficient and don’t need any maintenance in the long run. It’s because of the vacuum tubes, heat pipes and internally sealed heat exchanger. Even if a tube is broken, you can replace the damaged one with a new and the system start functioning without that tube. Though our compact water heaters are solar powered, they don’t need electricity. This means when you open up hot water faucet hot water from the storage tank flows and cold water into the tank to be reheated by the vacuum tubes. Unlike other water heating systems, our products use both stainless steel inner and outer tank to get rid of rust issues. Even you can use custom logos to label your water heater. For an immediate purchase of our solar water heaters, please visit our website as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson of Northern Lights Solar Solutions.

About The Company -

Northern Lights Solar Solutions is a reputable and reliable supplier of solar thermal heating systems for both homes and businesses. The company specializes in providing turnkey solutions for hot water, pools, and space heating and industrial heating applications. Their pre-designed solar water heating kits save you on design and installation costs, ensuring the highest ROI in the industry. For more information, please visit