James De Havillands' Original The Key to the Secret:

Give attention, remain speechless, and be impressed as The Key to the Secret catapults readers to a whole new level of success!

Online PR News – 23-April-2009 – – USA Boca Raton, Florida Announcement: A De Havilland educational milestone written for the millions of readers hungry for the near lost hidden treasure of the Ancient Wisdom Doctrine undefiled and handed down through the ages. The Key to the Secret is a no-nonsense right to the point quality book that teaches that unused capability, mental, moral or physical becomes the lost capability.

In this book, you will be given the Key to promote and benefit yourself and society. The Key is your guidepost illuminating the right road to follow in order to unfold your capability and to pave the way for you to swing open the gateway to the world of success, happiness, self-reliance and self sufficiency. The Key unlocks and tells you what the real secret is and provides a strong backbone for a well balanced life. The Key to the Secret unlocks what you are destined to be, a shining example and an illustrious and eminent ambassador and heralder for the public good and welfare.

It is written for the reader to absorb the treasure in which the distilled aroma of profound thoughts was gathered in order to perfume the spotlights of knowledge and fill the granaries of our mind for success. This book acknowledges the great writers, great personalities, statesman, scientists, philosophers, and inventors who opened new roads to reach new goals for your own welfare and renewal. This book reveals author James De Havilland's interpretation of their secret.

You will learn from the Key to the Secret why these wise masters, these imperishable beings, and their wisdom remain a marvelous constellation, rising in radiance, at each instance, more luminous, dazzling as a glory of celestial diamonds, as they continually mingle and shine in the magnetic majestic theater of the universe. This book is written with gratitude for their spiritual phenomena and oasis of ideas.

Begin with yourself then the world! Grasp the extended hands, transmit the light and illuminate the world! Use the 'Key' to unlock what you are destined to be, a shining example and an illustrious and eminent ambassador and heralder of mankind. Do not run the race of life and miss the prize! You cannot forgo the valley of knowledge and expect to reach the summit of wisdom. Read the quality book that will catapult the reader to a whole new level of success.

James De Havilland, author of the magnificent and thrilling Temple of the 42 Steps, Power by Deception, and the educational E Book masterpiece, The Key to the Secret Part 2 the Nexus invites you to website: http://jamesdehavilland.tripod.com
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The Key to the Secret is available at your favorite online bookstore. Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, Buy.com, and hundreds of other bookstores. A great educational gift!
James De Havilland is the real deal as he is a veteran of communication skills seminars for education, business, and labor. He is a former teacher, administrator and director of Education & Training Programs, a Doctor of Philosophy of the Christian Doctrine Arts & Letters, and an adviser/consultant to Faith-Based Organizations.