OvernightEssay.com to Host Psychology Training Seminars for Support Staff

OvernightEssay.com polishes support staff’s people skills with help from psychology pros: Satisfied clients will be the winners at OvernightEssay.com

Online PR News – 10-January-2011 – – Two psychologists will be training OvernightEssay.com staff in the fine details of interpersonal relations. They will cover patterns of human behavior under a variety of different circumstances (including those of intense stress), effective persuasion, and sensitivity to others of very different origins. All this is intended to make our relations with customers even better.

This seminar series is targeted at aspects of the human psyche particularly relevant to customer service personnel. OvernightEssay.com staff needs to know how to deal with customers who may be panicked to the point of paralysis. Since we deal with clients who may come from anywhere in the world, it is critical that our staff never offend through ignorance. It is also crucial that our support team be able to reassure and guide clients effectively. Having two professionals on hand to coach our employees will be a terrifically helpful investment in our support of our customers.

There is more news of the company, including our previous employee training and enrichment initiatives, at our website, http://overnightessay.com. You can also view samples of our writers’ work, as well as a list of our services, and prices on the OvernightEssay.com website.

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We have been building our writing and support team for several years now, and feel proud of the cohesive and professional crew we have assembled. As a result of the careful selection of writers from all sorts of backgrounds academically and in terms of employment, OvernightEssay.com can confidently take on all sorts of subjects. Our writers have successfully addressed all the varieties of assignments that instructors can dream up, so they can assist our customers confidently.