New Information On Why Most Sensitive Skin Care Products Can Actually Make Skin Problems Worse

A new online informational resource is now available which reveals why so many people with sensitive skin cannot find relief even when using medications or hypoallergenic skin care products.

Online PR News – 27-October-2009 – – is pleased to announce the launch of their new online informational resource website, which reveals new information about why so many people are developing chronic skin conditions, and why so many hypoallergenic skin products can actually make skin problems worse.

"I've struggled with sensitive skin all my life" says M Rochell, author and creator of the site. "My skin rashes seemed to get worse as I got older, and I was shocked to learn that many of the natural, organic and hypoallergenic products I had been using on my skin were actually contributing to my problems!"

My Sensitive Skin Care was been developed in response to the growing need for education about how to prevent or eliminate chronic skin problems such as acne, eczema, hives and rosacea. The site includes information about chemical irritants that are present in even the most trusted brands of hypoallergenic skin care products, and provides information and support so that any consumer can research their skin care products to learn what effect these ingredients may have on their skin.

The site also includes a free, 50 page eBook 'Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally, WITHOUT Expensive Creams or Endless Doctor Visits' which offers a simple five step program to reduce or eliminate chronic skin conditions and to create radiant and healthy skin.

Some of the information available includes:

* Why even organic or natural skin care products can cause allergies and skin eruptions.

* How your skin care products can interact with medicines or herbs you are taking.

* A low cost acne treatment for sensitive skin which can reduce acne by 50% without buying expensive creams and treatments.

* One simple action that you already do every day that can decrease the eruptions and breakouts on your skin.

* Why even natural mineral makeup can cause breakouts for sensitive skin.

* How to take years off of your face naturally without skin care products or expensive facial surgeries.

* A quick and simple Safe Cosmetics Guide that will help you avoid most skin irritants.

"I am really excited to share this information with people like me who have been struggling with skin problems" says M Rochell. "There are so many simple and affordable ways to clear up chronic skin issues, and yet this information is not yet readily available to the public. I hope our site can help many people!"

The new 'Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally' eBook is now available and is free for a limited time. For more information please visit

About is an online educational resource which offers information, support and free natural health and beauty programs for sensitive skin. The company specializes in discovering safe, non-toxic, Earth friendly solutions to sensitive skin care. For additional information please visit My Sensitive Skin Care.

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