Five Months Later OnycoSolve Continues To Attract More Customers Worldwide

Herbal remedy with plants extracts and silver particles can turn out to be an effective treatment for onychomycosis.

Online PR News – 25-August-2017 – North Bergen, NJ – Five months ago onycosolve spray for treating nail fungus emerged on the market with the intention to help men and women get rid of onychomycosis and enjoy summer shoes, cleanliness, and comfort again. Today, the product continues to attract more and more cliens from all over the world.

Onycosolve formula is based on natural ingredients that help sufferers alleviate itching, get rid of odor, and gradually restore foot health. According to estimates, the effectivity of the spray has not been reduced by its less aggressive compounds. Just the contrary, customers claim that OnycoSolve has indeed helped them overcome toenail fungus and maintain foot health even after they have stopped using the spray. At present, the manufacturing company offers a discount on the product which can be ordered online on the official website.

It is known that toenail fungus is a tenacious infection that comes with inflammations, itching, sweating, and scaling of the feet. Onychomycosis affects more than 15% of adults worldwide. The condition is easy to catch, but it is extremely difficult to heal. But thanks to the variety of antifungal products and therapies, nowadays the condition can be successfully treated.

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