Insurance Buffs Publishes Segments of White Paper on Online Insurance Industry’s Practices

The company has released portions of its white paper, providing insights into practices within the industry

Online PR News – 08-January-2011 – – Insurance Buffs, a provider of multiple types of insurance, has completed its reported white paper on the online insurance industries operational practices and made it available through the company’s website. As reported, the white paper was research as a way to disseminate information on the operational practices of many of the industries most successful online operations. “We went into this white paper with the goal of learning as much as we could from some of the companies that have been in the business practically since the Internet became a household word,” says a company spokesman.

“Being a new entry into the industry, and wanting to offer quality cheap online car insurance, we feel that it is of extreme importance that we conduct ourselves as not only a for profit operation, but also a learning operation. In order to avoid re-creating the wheel, it is very necessary that you find out how it was done in the past, adding and tweaking as you see fit from that point.”

“We think that having the ability and humility to learn from our predecessors that gives us strength in carrying on our day-to-day operations. As they say, if you cannot learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. So what is efforts like this that help us to become a better operation as we grow and become more of a presence in the industry ourselves. We don’t want to be simply known as the company to come to for cheap online car insurance, but we also want to be known as an intelligent will-oiled machine.”

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