Payday Loan90 Releases the First Segment of its 2010 Payday Loan Industry Review

After weeks of research, the company has published the first in a series of segments of it 2010 industry review

Online PR News – 08-January-2011 – – Payday Loan90 has released the first portion of its report on the online payday loans industry. The report, which is available by request, was developed to shed light on the inter-workings of the industry. According to the chief financial officer of the company, “we discovered during our industry-wide review that although some of our competitors have held a demanding lead within the industry, they have not been aggressive in providing the consumer with some of the savings and discounts that could be trickling down.”

“In times past, the economy of scale has dictated that the larger and more powerful the company, the more demands and pressure they are able to put on suppliers and smaller competitors. It was that mindset that calls a great number of familiar names to either fall by the wayside were become government dependents. Now, in a new era of fiscal responsibility forced upon all of us, we feel that there is more responsibility for individuals and corporations to become citizens in the true nature of word. As our industry in particular has grown, more than a few companies have claim dominance and superiority, but it is these same companies that the lack the understanding and direction necessary to deal with consumers properly.”

“We believe that the online payday loans industry is definitely in a growth spurt, but it is important that this growth comes with proper direction and discipline on the half of the leaders of the industry. Our goal, as with any company entering into business, is to become a leader in every sense of the word within this industry, and show our competitors how it should be done. This is the reason why we have ongoing research efforts, such as this industry review, and we will continue to learn as the industry matures.”

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