CEO introduces ‘Chameleon I’- as the best applicant tracking software, to world-wide HRs’!

Chameleoni- an elite in the realm of software vendors introduces their brain child ‘Chameleon I’ plans to make recruitment process simple and hassle-free.

Online PR News – 25-August-2017 – Surrey, UK – Guildford, Surrey; UK 28th July 2017- Recently in an event ‘Chameleon I’ head authorities took part to explain their new ATR software saying it could be the next big thing. The emphasis was mainly to explain the perks of using such software and how their very own creation fits into the needs of many. In words of its marketing head-“Our intuitive and 100% reliable software is extremely fast, web browser based and responsive with all MAC devices.” This statement as per sources, was in response to crowd question- whether ‘Chameleon I’ was the best online applicant tracking software around!

Their tech-expert also present at the event states-

‘Google slowly has its tentacles around every company. Calendars, emails, storage and documents- you name it…

…Now it also wants to regulate and optimize corporate hiring. Everything is being done online and there is no reason to stick to the old fashion-time consuming way of hiring candidates.’

He further states that this software enables users to search, organize, communicate, customize and also evaluate tasks proficiently. It also consists of self-built customizable blueprint website and presents a 2-way messaging.

360 degree job posting and no limit to the storage data are other perky features of our product.

Managing Director- David Egan opines-

“Increasing scalability and taking it up to the big screens is also something we are looking at. For that we have partnered with ‘OneUp Sales’ for Chameleon I’s evolution!”

This was in response to the Derry Holt CEO of OneUp Sales some time ago- when he states-

“Chameleon I is software which dedicates to simplify things when hiring skillful candidates. And it fits with user resonates adequately.”

A fair amount of interest did form on hearing these words from the company heads. But the best part of the event was right in the closing stages.

David Egan clearly put- ‘Chameleon I’ also presents mobile CRM and users having an interest can try it out with its demo version.

‘We are giving away a 30 day trial of our web-based solution and to get it you can visit our site.’

About the company

‘Chameleoni’ functions under Remedy Human Capital Management Solutions. It presents intuitive software solutions to both start-ups and large scale establishments for fast and effective recruitments. ‘Chameleon I’, their applicant tracking software- hosting numerous features for fast and secure hiring operations! It also has a 30 day demo, easy to set up.

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