NetSuite Finally Integrated to both PowerBI and Qlik via Tactical Cloud’s Newest SuiteApps

Taking NetSuite Business Intelligence to the Next Level

Online PR News – 23-August-2017 – Costa Mesa, CA – Tactical Cloud is taking NetSuite business intelligence to the next level by having developed the most robust connectors on the market to both Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik.

NetSuite “Built for NetSuite” Certified SuiteApps:
1. Tactical Connect for PowerBI® and Excel®
2. Tactical Connect for Qlik®

For a quick demo video on Tactical Connect for Qlik®:

For a quick demo video on Tactical Connect for PowerBI® and Excel®:

Per Mike Kelly, Managing Partner at Tactical Cloud, “our NetSuite clients were exploring ways to use BI tools and data warehouses via a simple and cost effective approach. Also, they were looking to enhance their reporting and analytics capabilities. So, we set out on a mission to take NetSuite business intelligence to the next level!”

Tactical Connect Creates an Immediate and Recurring ROI:
•Enhanced Functionality: Extending the functionality of native NetSuite reporting/analytics by connecting your NetSuite data to both Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik
•Time Reduction: Reducing time spent on reporting/analysis by up to 80%.
•All your Data Sources: Join your data from multiple NetSuite tables and 3rd party data sources for strong decision making (all in one tool).
•Dashboards Published Back inside NetSuite: Publish all your dashboards/reports back into NetSuite with full ability to interact.
•Cost Savings: Reduction in application costs through creation of self-service BI environment

Josh LaSov, VP at Tactical Cloud, added, "Users can finally pull all of their NetSuite data into PowerBI and Qlik to drive real value. It’s been an incredible journey to watch our customers build reports and dashboards that previously took weeks or couldn’t be done. The ROI our customers are creating for themselves from these advanced analytical capabilities is setting them apart from their competitors!”