Anti-Ageing Products Inc. Selecting Distributors for USA Launch of World's First Patented Resveratrol Beverage, Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water

Anti-Ageing Products is in the market for distributors who have what it takes to handle the launch of an international brand such as Anti-Ageing Water, which represents the future of function in foods, beverages, cosmetics and spirits

Online PR News – 26-October-2009 – – A powerful nutraceutical with concentrated anti-oxidants that promote healthy ageing, Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water, prevents free radical damage to cells and supports the immune system. Four bottles of the beverage may contain as much Resveratrol as a month's supply of competitive pill supplements.

Nutra Resveratrol's anti-ageing formulations with DMAE can contain over 1,000 times the resveratrol levels normally found in red wine. At the same time, these formulations are believed to be more bio-available than resveratrol pills that are currently flooding the marketplace.

Anti-Ageing Products Inc. is picking qualified distributors for its November launch of the world's first patented reveratrol beverage, Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water.

The intellectual property as it relates to the bio-availability of its proprietary resveratrol formulations, combined with global demand for resveratrol as an anti-ageing compound, has the scientific community as well as the publics demand for anti-ageing products eagerly anticipating the USA launch of Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water.

The science behind Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water is based on granted and pending patents.

Scientists at Anti-Ageing Products Inc. have cautioned that simply adding Resveratrol to a beverage may not only infringe on Nutra Resveratrol's intellectual property, but the compound will not be as effectively absorbed in the body without the Nutra Resveratrol formulation.

Four bottles of the beverage may contain as much Resveratrol as a months supply of competitive pill supplements.

Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water - 'The World's Most Functional Beverage' - comes in four flavors as well as plain.

"We have the best tasting zero-calorie, zero-carbs, and zero-sugar formulations in the marketplace, and our sport and energy drinks offer the same anti-ageing benefits as well," said company co-founder Stuart Garret. Garret along with Dr. Ronald Pero, who is one of the world's leading experts on DNA repair, developed Nutra Resveratrol to create the world's first natural resveratrol supplement that is a pharmaceutical formulation.

An unexpected discovery in recent clinical testing of additional benefits of Nutra Resveratrol found that the formulations seem to have increased hydration compared to that of current sport drink leaders. Some of the participants in the study are referring to Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water's Sport Drink, for example, as 'Greater-Aide.'

Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water formulated as Nutra Resveratrol enables both exercise and DNA repair at the same time, without calories, carbs, or sugar.

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