New Update of Unblock Me: Classic Block Puzzle Game “Daily Puzzles & Daily Reward”

Unblock Me: Classic Block Puzzle Game's new update is available on Google Play Store & Apple AppStore. Play new type & challenging puzzle no one played before.

Online PR News – 23-August-2017 – Chiang Mai – Kiragames has launched an update to “Unblock Me: Classic Block Puzzle Game” with a harder spin on an original type of unblock puzzles in Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore.

“Unblock Me: Classic Block Puzzle Game” first released in 2009, became an instant hit immediately worldwide, it did not only create an unblock puzzle category but also inspired other developers to follow. Today, Kiragames has taken Unblock Me to the next level by creating something new, something original, something even more challenging. Therefore, Unblock Me’s new update comes with a fresh and unique feature, “Daily Puzzles”.

“Daily Puzzles” has new exits and fixed blocks that make it more difficult to move around and get the red block out of the board. While remaining Unblock Me’s simple rules, Daily Puzzles becomes more entertaining and even more challenging. Daily Puzzles starts with 100 initial puzzles and will increase 1 puzzle every day a user plays Unblock Me.

Moreover, the new update includes “Daily Reward”. This feature will give away Hint when a user opens Unblock Me every day; up to 2 Hints per day. It indeed goes along very well with “Daily Puzzles” because sometimes it is really challenging that Hint can be helpful to guide a user to get the perfect score. The Hints can also be used in any mode (Relax, Challenge, Multiplayer and Daily Puzzles) and any difficulty level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert).

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