Muscle Squad has Launched its Health and Fitness Services across India

The press release is to spread the word to all the concerned people out there who are interested in hiring a personal fitness trainer that MuscleSquad launched.

Online PR News – 21-August-2017 – Gurgaon, Haryana – Health and fitness, as many of you would know has taken a big leap upward recently, courtesy the awareness about well-being and longevity that is finally making its way to people’ houses. As they say, better late than never. A similar situation can be seen in India, a country where fitness and healthy living was at one point given near to nil value. However, things are starting to get better. People are finally experiencing what a lifetime of unhealthy practices, sedentary habits, and ignorance towards fitness can cause. Diseases like obesity, high cholesterol, type II diabetes and hypertension which we also refer to as high blood pressure are at an all-time high. These medical conditions often lead to even more severe illnesses such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of vision, baldness, chronic or acute kidney disease, liver damage and cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.
People are finally getting aware of the benefits of being fit and indulging in physical exercises in order to avoid such dreadful illnesses and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But the problem arises when there is no properly structured guide as to how that fit and healthy lifestyle is to be achieved. This is where Muscle Squad comes to the aid. Muscle Squad has a dedicated team of professionals that understands the human physique like none other in the business. They have an armada of best in class personal fitness trainers in India and top notch nutritionists and dieticians in Gurgaon who enable you to reach that dream physique and level of fitness. Muscle Squad uses a superior scientific approach towards health and fitness instead of the good for nothing plans that regular gym instructors feed people, which is apt as per an individual’s body type.
Muscle Squad has also launched a structured methodology of helping clients reach their dream physique. A dedicated team is responsible for regular follow-ups and checkups in order to keep track of progress and monitor all deviations, if any.
Personal fitness trainers in India who are indeed adept and knowledgeable are a rarity. As a result, people resort to the regular gym instructor who has nothing but generic diet and training plans which she/she got from the front page of Muscular Development magazine. Such instructors often rob clients off of their money and resources as helping them reach their goals was never their true motive. This further leads to increased distrust toward the fitness industry among commoners. Muscle Squad aims at breaking this stereotype by providing top of the class personal fitness trainer in India who are not only knowledgeable but are also aware of the ways to handle clients and help them reach their fitness goals.
Fitness plans as per individual body types, analysis of BMI and BMR, customized plans as per lifestyle and body type, regular and constant monitoring, and last but not the least, uninterrupted motivation throughout the course of action, all provided under one roof. Muscle Squad brings forth its team of Dietician in Gurgaon and personal fitness trainer in India to help you achieve your fitness goals.
About Muscle Squad: Muscle Squad is a startup venture initiated by a group of individuals who believe in the idea of a fit lifestyle. Muscle squad believes in spreading the healthy attitude among people all over the world. The venture is aimed at facilitating people reach their fitness goals by providing them the best in class personal trainers and skilled dieticians.