Etronixmart Released Their Own Brand Name "Etronixmart 008 IR Nightvision in Car Camera"

Etronixmart Released Their Own Brand Name "Etronixmart 008 IR Nightvision in Car Camera" at the begining of 2011. This high-tech new product-"Etronixmart 008 Infrared Light Night Vision Car Traffic Recorder", featuring many functions such as high resolution video, camera, night vision, record, network chat, external TF card memory, being available for your excellent and happy daily life, tourism and outdoor activities

Online PR News – 08-January-2011 – – What does "driving" mean to you? Enjoy the safety or worry about the accident? Sometimes, something is just out of our control- especially driving a car. As 2011 coming, Etronixmart that lanuch their new category"in car camera" offers their new year's gift- "Etronixmart 008 IR Nightvision in Car Camera" to drivers.

"As our first new brand name product, we want to give drivers different experience" Mr Vincent said when asking why released this new product.

The main function of this car camera is the function of "IR Nightvision". The eight nightvision IR LEDs let you capture crystal clear video, even at night. While nightvision is perfect for recording video inside when it's pitch black inside the car, be aware that the infrared lights will reflect against the window, which makes the camera less than ideal for recording the road when its dark out. Even when it's dark out, capture crystal clear video of the driver and passengers inside the car - perfect for employers, parents, or anyone else hoping to monitor their car.

"Night vision is very important when we are driving at a dark environment," added by Mr Vincent," Etronixmart 008 in car security Camera will help you a lot in this situation".

Different from most car security camera, this Etronixmart008 car camcorder has an elegance columniform shape. Thus, it would be a very good decoration when mounting inside the car. For a better view to capture, you can adjust the angle anywhere you want with its adjustable car mount.

At the other side of the camera, there is the memory card slot. The best campatibility should be 4GB/8GB memory card though its Capacity of memory card is within 512M-32GB.

For the price- $75.99, this is worthwhile to own such car video recorder. Not very expensive.

For a better understanding this awesome Etronixmart 008 car camcorder with IR Nightvision, let's take a glance at its main features as below:

1. Pixel: 5,000,000 CMOS
2. Viewing angle of lens: Wide-angle 150°
3. Turning angle of lens: 270° back and forth
4. Resolution of video: VGA-720x480, HD-1280x720
5. Pixel of picture: 2560x1920
6. Night vision: Yes
7. Screen : 2.0TFT high resolution
8. Time required for continuous video record : Approx. 4h

"In order to let people enjoy more funs while driving, we will publish more useful and interesting in car camera this years" Mr Vincent said finally.

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