My Sixth Day, Inc. Announces the Launch of REP LOCKER

Company creates a tool to benefit students and the schools that could be the best Fundraiser of all time

Online PR News – 19-August-2017 – Austin, TX – Austin, TX – My Sixth Day, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of Rep Locker, a Reputation Preservation Company that will focus on preserving and protecting the reputation of this nation’s youth by helping them create and maintain a respectable online presence. My Sixth Day will focus on teaching and encouraging proper social media use. We want students to be prepared for the next stage in life by making responsible decisions and developing good social media habits early on. The official launch date for REP LOCKER is August 1, 2017.My Sixth Day, Inc. believes REP LOCKER will be known as the company that saved social media. By reaching the youth and giving them perspective as it relates their future, Scott Smith, the company’s founder hopes to instill habits that will soon become more important than the bullying, hazing and inappropriate behavior and risqué photographs that currently flood social media. In addition, REP LOCKER will do more than benefit the students by adding security to their future. It has been set up to benefit the schools and organizations to which these students belong as a monthly recurring fundraiser. REP LOCKER is currently being marketed through various Social Media marketing efforts. The reputation management product that is offered by My Sixth Day is offered to non-students/adults as well. However, at a considerably higher cost. The only way to get REP LOCKER at the 76-80% discount is to have a school or organization as a beneficiary. “Harvard rescinds offers to incoming freshmen over hateful memes [on Facebook].” And similar fates caused by poor decisions can be avoided. 75% of recruiters search for information about candidates online before ever considering them. 55% say that they didn’t call someone back because of something that they found online. Online reputation is like credit. When a student begins looking for a job they have a good reputation, a bad reputation or no reputation. My Sixth Day, Inc. and REP LOCKER aim to create, enhance and protect each students’ greatest asset. Their reputation. Schools and Organizations that would like more information on REP LOCKER should contact Scott Smith Directly. ###