Payday Loan90 CEO Comments on The Company’s 2010 Payday Loan Industry Review Process

The CEO of Payday Loan90 releases a statement on the continued efforts of the company to shed light on the industry’s best and worse

Online PR News – 07-January-2011 – – The CEO of Payday Loan90, the online payday loan company, recently released comments on the progress of the company’s reported review of the cash advance industry. According to a company spokesman, “we have had more than a few concerned telephone calls and e-mails from industry insiders, and even clients of other services. On the industry side, there was obvious concern as to the information that we will be publishing. On the consumer side, there tended to be a lot of anxiousness to see just what goes on within these companies. We will be releasing the full report in the very near future, but our CEO wanted to address the immediate concerns that have been expressed.”

The statement from the CEO’s office read; “Since our previous announcement on ongoing research to compile an industry review, we have been virtually bombarded by communications from other online payday loan services, as well as a number of concerned consumers. In an effort to build a more positive attitude towards the industry, we realize that it is very necessary to root out what are generally considered to be less than standup practices so that ultimately, the consumer may be protected.”

“Anyone who assumes that the industry that they are involved in is 100% above board and consumer focused, is ill-informed; so we’ve taken on the task of bringing clarity to the industry and separating the best from the worse. If our review is in error on ANY stated fact, as long as the facts can be verified, we will quickly report our error. As we’ve said before, this review will focus on all facets of the cash advance industry, with a detailed examination of the online payday loan segment (the sub-industry we operate within).”

“As we release the review, details on our own operation will also be included; we intend to shine the same light on ourselves in the interest of fairness. This is a not a matter of a ranking system initiated by industry insiders, it is a matter and a method of protecting the consumer.”

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