Insurance Buffs Issues Update on Previously Announced White Paper on Online Industry Practices

The company reports gaining from simple lessons learned, as the in-depth research on the white paper continues

Online PR News – 07-January-2011 – – Insurance Buffs, a provider of multiple types of insurance, recently announced that they would be publishing a white paper on the best practices in the online insurance industry. The stated purpose of the white paper was to garner information on the results of various industry practices as they relate to companies in the study, as well as how they impact the average consumer. “As we reported when we initially announced the forthcoming white paper, our mission here is to gain insight on primarily what builds a happy customer,” noted a company spokesman.

“What we really want to find out from this is not only how to keep our customers satisfied and happy, but we wanted to delve into what delivery systems, information flow, direct and online interaction and any other systems - led to a happy customer, who would also become a source of referrals. Unhappy customers, or clients who are only marginally satisfied, will not be a good source of referrals, and will likely deter any of their associates from ever dealing with a particular service or product. So what we’re looking at here is getting into the minds on both sides of the equation to determine the best possible interactions.”

“What has been discovered thus far, and will be published in the white paper, is that the consumer values above anything else - honesty. In interpersonal, spiritual or business relations, a person simply wants to know the truth. Once the facts are laid out on the table, one can make an informed decision. Our business model is offering cheap car insurance; this is how we present ourselves and this is what we sell. If we misrepresent ourselves in our marketing efforts and direct interaction, the consumer quickly learns not to do business with that company.”

“This may seem like a commonsense lesson, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses that the average consumer runs into in the course of a day, that simply do not live up to their marketing message. Our company has stuck firm to our message and goal of offering cheap car insurance, but we want to make sure that this simple lesson gets into the hands of up-and-coming businesses (and in some cases, older, well-established businesses).”

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