Insurance90 Set to Hire Holiday Temps for Permanent Positions

In Response to Dramatic Growth In Recent Months, Insurance90 Reports that All Temporary Holiday Staff will Be Brought On Full-Time

Online PR News – 07-January-2011 – – Insurance 90, a recent entry into the online car insurance market, has announced that as a result of the company’s ongoing growth, they will soon be hiring all of the temporary staff that was brought on to assist in handling the holiday rush. According to a company spokesman, “we’ve seen such drastic increases in our lending activity, that we have bypassed our preset projections for revenue and earnings. With this being the case, we have determined that it would be beneficial for all parties concerned, if we were to simply bring in our temps full-time.”

“As we have met and broken through our projected numbers, we have discovered that the temps that we have brought on have been worth their weight in gold; because of them, we have been able to meet the consumer demand for online car insurance quotes, and provide that service with an unheard-of level of quality and commitment to the consumer. Our decision to bring in the temps for full-time positions was not so much a magnanimous outpouring of generosity, but a sensible business move; these people have been well-trained in the ins and outs of the industry, the business, and what it means to provide quality customer service.”

“Under normal commercial circumstances, holiday temps would generally be let go after the first of the year; our temps will begin the first of the year with a new full-time job in hand. We see this as a win-win for all concerned, and a great start to a new year.”


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