Car Loans Galore Plans Internship Program for the New Year

In an effort to develop new industry talent, the company is opening its doors to train interns who may become future industry leaders

Online PR News – 07-January-2011 – – Car Loans Galore, the company that specializes in arranging a car loan for bad credit buyers, has announced plans to begin an internship program in the coming year. Plans for the program include: a basic introduction to the entire auto financing process, an in-depth review of maintaining integrity and honesty in the industry through implementation of best practices, and an education on customer service. “Our upcoming internship program was born out of a desire to properly mold younger individuals who are looking at getting into the industry,” comments the head of the company’s HR department.

“In putting together this program, we want to make sure that we were reach the younger talent as they enter the field. We wanted to make sure that they are properly trained on what’s best for the consumer, company and industry - in that order. As we monitor our competition within the industry, we discover that some of the younger minds are being misinformed and misdirected.”

“What we plan to do here is to guide the interns in the proper methods and measures to implement in providing a car loan for bad credit customers. We realize that the interns of today, are the industry leaders of tomorrow, and this means that it is our responsibility to make sure that they are properly equipped to not only serve their company, but to serve the consumer.”

The company’s internship will be implemented in phases; beginning with a small group of interns that will start as early as the spring of 2011. According to a company official, “one result that we are hoping for with the internship program, is that we will find significant talent that we can bring into the company permanently.”

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