How Companies Such As HeelsandJeans Are Taking A Lead In The Increasing Trend Of Video Marketing

"Video is the eventual fate of Content advertising"

Online PR News – 18-August-2017 – California, U.S.A – "Video is the eventual fate of Content advertising"

One oft-cited measurement is that viewer engagement needs to occur within the initial 10 seconds of viewing a video. This little piece of astuteness has been supported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which reports that the normal ability to focus in 2013 was 9 seconds, one second less than as much as the capacity to focus of a goldfish.

What Does Video Engagement Look Like?

Video clips run the extent from 6-second Vines to 10-minute Vlogs. This is the thing that we truly need to know: where does engagement start and where does it end?

As should be obvious, the more time a video delays, the lower its capability to retain its customers, which is normal. However, it is observed that videos under 1 minute appreciate 80% viewer hold-up until they reach the 30-second check mark. On the other hand, videos that are approximately 2-3 minutes long still appreciate 60% viewer retention.

So, what’s the objective of Video Marketing?

The end objective isn’t to derive 100% user retention nor is the video being viral. The core objective should be engagement from your target customer.

The important Facts of Video Marketing:

• Google states that approximately 40% of customers will even visit a store on the web or face to face in the wake of viewing a video.

• As per Diode Digital, the video promotion is 600% more successful than print and standard mediums combined together. HeelsandJeans has observed the same trend with our products, especially the denim and footwear categories. Before perusing any content, 60% of our site guests watch a video if accessible.

• The recall factor related to Videos is higher than all other marketing methods. Content advertising is the specialty of accomplishing more with less, and doubtlessly that video does this eminently.

• Video can be utilized as a part of many of your marketing platforms. However, the ones that work best for your brand need to be used. A significant part of the supporting information has concentrated on video on sites, web-based social networking/YouTube, versatile, and in messages.

To put it plainly, Video Marketing is the need of the hour and the brands that are not making use of this need to start using this contemporary method of Marketing.