Author Calls for Impeachment of Donald Trump to Prevent Zombie Apocalypse

Popular post-apocalyptic author Keith Taylor has called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump in his latest novel, This is the Way the World Ends.

Online PR News – 17-August-2017 – Charlottesville, VA – Keith Taylor, bestselling author of post-apocalyptic fiction, argues in his latest novel, This is the Way the World Ends: An Oral History of the Zombie War, that the only way for the United States to survive as a nation in the event of a large scale disaster such as a zombie pandemic, extreme climate change or widespread civil unrest would be to impeach President Donald Trump at the earliest opportunity.

“It would have to be day one, job one” Taylor claims. “Kick the guy out of the White House, and then start worrying about the zombies. And yeah, when the President is a greater threat than hordes of flesh eating ghouls you have to wonder how we got to this place.”

"America's greatest strength has always been its people," Taylor argues, “and their great strides forward have always come when they work together. United in a common cause regular Americans managed to kick the ass of millions of Nazis, become the world's greatest economic superpower and put the first human footprints on the surface of the damned moon, but on the flip side their darkest hours have always come at those times when they were at their most divided.”

“This is where we are right now."

He argues in his latest novel, published just days before the Charlottesville protests, that Trump's pathological need to pander to his base above all else, a deep moral failing that only a few days later saw the President refuse to denounce far right protesters in Virginia, would lead to the destruction of the US in a zombie apocalypse.

(This is the Way the World Ends is available at Amazon at the launch week price of $0.99 and FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.)

This is the Way the World Ends is an homage to Max Brooks' 2006 classic zombie novel World War Z, updated to reflect the new and bizarre challenges we face today. Set a decade in the future, the novel comes in the form of a collection of interviews given by survivors of a zombie war that begins in 2018, among whom are:

- Art Hollister, a fictionalized version of Donald Trump's Secretary of State.
- The generals who wrestled with the President as he lost control of the country, and
- Charles Joseph Buckley, the man who succeeded Trump following his impeachment and humiliating fall from grace.

While Taylor cautions against rash decisions, he's clear on one thing. "It goes without saying that were zombies to appear in the United States tomorrow we'd need to kick President Trump off the White House premises by the end of the week. The man is a rolling dumpster fire."

Keith Taylor is the bestselling author of This is the Way the World Ends: An Oral History of the Zombie War (available exclusively at Amazon at the launch price of $0.99), and the Last Man Standing series of post-apocalyptic novels. He lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in the hope that should humanity devolve into global war he'd survive due to the fact that nobody can find Mongolia on a map.


Praise for This is the Way the World Ends

“It feels like something that could really happen. Something that already HAS happened. It feels like a novel written by someone with knowledge of a dark and dangerous future.” – Broad Horizons

“This is one of those dangerous ‘just one more page’ novels that leave you missing meals and wondering how it reached 2AM when you sat down in the afternoon.” – Chasmmm

“Of all the zombie books I've read and enjoyed, no one has written one from this unique and fascinating perspective!” – Gabby Girl

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