Text My Main Number Announced Major Shift of US Businesses toward Landline Texting

Text My Main Number, the best landline texting service provider in USA and Canada has announced the major shift faced in the way businesses communicate in USA.

Online PR News – 17-August-2017 – New York – Text My Main Number is one of the best and client centric landline texting service providers in the USA. The company offers their service in Canada, too. The company has been offering SMS to Landline service to business consumers and individual small business owners. The company conducted a survey and based on the survey result and feedback from the existing users of SMS to landline solution, Text My Main Number have shared interesting statistics and facts. The company’s spokesperson has shared that the survey results says, there is a major shift in a way businesses communicate these days.
According to the shared details, earlier the businesses were using traditional modes of communication such as email, voice call, fax or door to door meetings. However, the survey results shared by AT&T, Gartner and other business companies have changed the view point of the businesses.

Those survey results have shared some amazing facts such as:
• 29% of consumers don’t listen to the voicemails
• 85% of consumers shown their preference to receive a text message over email or a voice call
• 92% of USA adults carry text enabled mobile phones
• 98% of Smartphone users uses texting as a regular mode of communication

All these facts made business owners to think again about their mode of communication. Thus, many of them have started shifting towards texting as a primary mode of communication. The most effective approach to integrate texting in the business communication is usage of Landline Texting or SMS To Landline solution. There are many businesses which are shifting towards this mode of communication and leveraging business benefits. According to the information shared by spokesperson of Text My Main Number, their survey results says earlier there were only 4% USA companies which use SMS to Landline solution, but now there are 14% registered landline texting service users. In fact, more and more businesses are joining these communication shift wave to support their businesses.

“We have been offering landline texting service to different scaled businesses and we are happy to see the increasing demand in the usage of this business communication solution. Earlier, there were a few customers who used our SMS to Landline solution and we had to make them understand the worth of this amazing communication channel, but now, we are getting so many inquiries and customers to cater their need of landline texting. This is good to see that our customers are happy with this solution and leveraging tons of benefits from this next generation mode of communication. If we compare 2016 and 2017, there is a huge shift in the way businesses communicate and landline texting is clearly growing.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

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