Author Reveals Claudia's Embrace at the AJC Decatur Book Festival 2017

Author Reveals Claudia's Embrace at the AJC Decatur Book Festival 2017

Online PR News – 16-August-2017 – Atlanta, GA – From 1 to 3 September 2017, Joseph Chopko, author of a compelling real life story Claudia's Embrace: A True Story of Finding Love, Enduring Loss and Building a Legacy will be joining this year's AJC Decatur Book Festival, a community-based, non-profit event and largest independent festival in the country. Being renowned as one of the five largest festivals in the country, DBF continues to gather world-class authors as well as hundreds of thousands of festival-goers to enjoy book signings, author readings, panel discussions, an interactive children's area, live music, parade, cooking demonstrations, poetry slams, writing workshops, and others. These activities will be happening in and around the historic downtown Decatur square.

"We always knew Atlanta had a thriving writing and book community, but it needed a centerpiece to bring all the parts together", Tom Bell points out as he recalls the history of DBF. It was when Daren Wang hatched a hare-brained idea to establish a festival celebrating the spoken/written word that brought the other dreamers and believers together. Tom Bell — founding program director, Linda Harris, Richard Lenz, Alice Murray, Bill Starr and Judy Turner then began brewing the magic.

The DBF got rave reviews shortly after 18 months of hard work and dedication in volunteering full-time, until its commencement over Labor Day weekend back in 2006, which was attended by over 100 authors and 50, 000 people. The success of the event was contributed by the combination of supportive local businesses and restaurants, eager and able volunteers, and the ability to walk easily from venue to venue.

Joseph Chopko lives in Sharpsburg, Georgia. He is a training specialist who holds advanced degrees in education and biology. Chopko is an accomplished educator/public speaker, and has written several articles and newsletters on a variety of topics in the life and health sciences. He pens an emotionally raw, truthful, and compelling story-Claudia's Embrace: A True Story of Finding Love, Enduring Loss and Building a Legacy. The story centers a life of an ordinary man who gets to encounter extraordinary circumstances. When they discover his wife's cancer, he demonstrates courage for his children. His strength, grace, humility, and acceptance remain. He continues to give his children the kind of love that they need, and instills in their mind that their mother will love them endlessly. He helps his wife deepen her spirituality and come to terms with her own death. In the process, he discovers God himself. This book will move every reader as each and every day, every person encounters different challenges. And just like how one embraces life, one should also embrace the end to that life as well as the difficulties. With God's promise of eternal and unconditional love, everyone will be healed. This is a must-read for every person who wants to find and get support in the challenges being faced. This is a perfect guide from a life-long educator, a piece that will illuminate one's path.

BookBlastPro will represent the author at the AJC Decatur Book Festival. The festival-goers and other authors will have the opportunity of getting first-hand information about Chopko and his piece, Claudia's Embrace: A True Story of Finding Love, Enduring Loss and Building a Legacy. They will also get bookmarks and an opportunity of photo documentation which will be released after the event. The book selling will be announced at the event.

AJC Decatur Book Festival — Bookzilla, Joseph Chopko's book and the rest of the fun activities will make this event a literary powerhouse that will delight the attendees and will make this annual event a huge success, as what Tom Bell expressed: "That's what the festival does best."

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