Ubiquitous Sexual Health Epidemic Solution Created by Pure Biomed, LLC

An ounce of prevention is better than a lifetime of STD treatments.

Online PR News – 16-August-2017 – Las Vegas, NV – Especially for sexually active teens and adults, these incredible statistics should be scary:

*Hundreds of millions of adults in the US are carriers of STD viruses exhibit no symptoms, yet can transfer a STD by mere 'skin to skin' contact.

*There are 20 million new STD infections reported annually.

*There are 110 million persons known to have STD infections

*While Herpes and other STDs are not curable, they are preventable.

While every major pharmaceutical company has worked on STD vaccines, none have been successful. According to the CDC, 'Washing genitals, urinating or douching will not prevent infections.' This is because cleansing is 'antibacterial' while STDs are virally originated. The only effective treatments are antiviral. If the viruses are able to penetrate skin, then they are able to replicate and become an unwelcome lifetime visitor to your sexual well-being.

Pure Biomed has a solution other than vaccines. Just as hand sanitizers have become commonplace for bacterial protection, topical Reunion HSV applied post coital to areas that may have been exposed to foreplay and intercourse; hands, mouth, anus, external genitals, stops viruses while still in their embryonic fragile state. Latex condoms while excellent do not protect other skin areas from virus 'shedding' skin to skin, bodily fluids and secretions. STDs can be contracted by men and women anywhere on their bodies.

Reunion HSV is an essential oil formula of 12 active ingredients. Many of those oils have known or proven antiviral properties. Reunion HSV is applied soon after sexual activity, has a pleasant floral odor that dissipates quickly. Reunion HSV will also treat the pain, inflammation and viral replication of existing conditions. A complete description, a list of ingredients and evidence-based documentation is available on our website. Topical HSV is not intended for internal or systemic use.

Reunion HSV is a whole new approach to protect people from STDs that can not only be an inconvenience, but endanger their health with progressive problems such as HIV and cancer," says Karl Zetmeir, President of Pure Biomed. The CDC warns, 'You can get genital herpes even if your partner shows no signs of an infection.'

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