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CCM publishes the first market research report on biomass energies Biomass Energies Market in China-Edition 1 in April 2010. This report presents a comprehensive view of biomass energies from different aspects, the information on feedstock and their production situation, marketing channels, consumption situation, future forecast, and policy and incentive for biomass industry. At the end of this report, it shows you the profiles of some key players in this field and opportunities in biomass industry.

Online PR News – 07-January-2011 – – China'srapid economic development has driven the demand for energy to rise continuously, although fossil fuel has already been in short supply. To deal with this difficulty, Chinese government released a series of policies to set medium and long target for each biomass energy product and provide fiscal subsidy for some important products.

Among all biomass energy products, fuel ethanol has developed best in China with strong support from government. However, each product of biomass energy has faced bottlenecks. For instance, after government enact regulations to restrict corn use in fuel ethanol production; future development of biomass energy is hampered by immature technology of second-generation fuel ethanol, limited planting area and low yield of non-grain feedstock.

Although each biomass energy product faces bottlenecks now, the future prospect of biomass energy will be bright in China after the immature technology is improved and the problem of raw material is resolved.

The market report mainly focuses on the following points:

-Overview of biomass energy market in China

-Information on feedstocks and their production situation, marketing channels, consumption situation

-Future forecast of some series of biomass energy, such as liquid biofuel, solid biofuel, etc.

-Policy and incentive that Chinese government has released to encourage the production of biomass energies

-Profiles of some key players in biomass energy industry and opportunity in this field

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