Megasys Software Releases Major Upgrades to PowerStar and PowerNet Software

Megasys Software releases major upgrade versions to PowerStar Electrical and PowerNet Circuit software. Included in these versions is a free CAD edition.

Online PR News – 15-August-2017 – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Megasys Software, a specialist electrical engineering software developer, today announced the release of major upgrade versions of the PowerStar Electrical and PowerNet Circuits software. The twin complementary software are useful tools for engineers in the electrical design, construction, generation and distribution industries.

“We are very pleased to provide our clients with a much-improved tool for their electrical design and analysis work,” said Frank Agra, Software Engineer of Megasys Software. “User interface improvement leads to better visualization of circuit parameters and ultimately to savings in time and manpower.”

Electrical engineers working on star or radial distribution systems will find PowerStar Electrical to be a quick and easy tool for analysis and design work. Radial type systems are normally lower voltage levels with combinations of single phase, balanced and unbalanced loads and are best suited for PowerStar. As a tool, PowerStar relieves the engineer of tedious per phase load calculations.

PowerNet Circuits on the other hand is a handy tool for upper level voltage distribution systems. These are normally ring main or meshed network type of circuits where load flow calculations, node voltages and branch circuit currents do not lend to easy hand calculations. Fault calculations such as phase to ground, double phase and three phase calculations can also be made simply by clicking on any circuit node.

PowerStar Electrical and PowerNet Circuits can be downloaded freely and used free as single line diagram drawing tool. The circuit file can be edited, printed and saved which is useful for preliminary concept projects. The circuit files can be used later for load flow, node voltage, branch circuit currents and fault calculations.

About Megasys Software
Megasys Software is an online electrical engineering software company that provides electrical engineers with smart tools for distribution circuit design and analysis. Megasys’ smart solutions are built on the latest Microsoft Visual Studio platform to give engineers a robust tool to run under the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

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