mapmyjobs, LLC announces the beta release of their flagship job search engine application

The most advanced job search engine on the Internet today. No one has more updated jobs at more locations

Online PR News – 15-August-2017 – Denver, Colorado – Today, mapmyjobs, LLC announced the beta release of their namesake application, The application is the only one of its kind on the internet today. With over 450,000 jobs in 12 categories and in 70+ cities displayed on Google Maps. Two years ago, co-founder Aaron Sutherlin, while searching for a condo, came across the mashup and came up with the concept of putting jobs on a map.

"There is just nothing like it out there," he says. "Nobody had aggregated job postings from multiple sites onto one easily searchable map. By using the functionality of the Google Maps API we have achieved this goal. There have been lots of tries but nothing of substance until mapmyjobs." CEO and co-founder Jeet Mahanti added, "Our goal is to have 1,000,000 up-to-date jobs in the system by Oct. 1st, the launch date of"

With its advanced search and filter algorithms, mapmyjobs is able to display all jobs of a specific type for any given location. Beta tester Nat Marcial says, “I was able to plot all jobs matching the term php in the metro Denver area in 5 seconds. By using the ‘Build Your Own Job List’ feature, I was able to add 40+ jobs to my job search list in 5 minutes.”

Along with its state of the art job openings search site, mapmyjobs will regularly update its Google Cloud Big Data with its job openings. mapmyjobs, llc will be able to update 1,000,000 in 24 hours by its launch date. CEO Jeet Mahanti says, “we hope to have enough data in six months to be able to analyze trends in job openings like no one else on the internet today.”

Aaron says, “We have the ability to plot every job opening in the United States by using our state-of-the-art algorithms along with creating call centers that will employ people to call businesses and offer them direct placement job postings (for a small fee). These call centers will also sell advertising on the website. Our revenue will be initially generated by the call centers and active promotion of mapmyjobs’ Facebook page,

mapmyjobs is looking to make a smooth transition when the live version of comes online 10/1/2017. will also be hosted on the site on 10/1. Stop by the free beta release of and find your job at your location today!