Mattsonmaps Authors Rough Guide to Tourism Board Websites and Technology

In conjunction with launches of three new instances of a one-of-a-kind software application to promote destinations worldwide, Mattsonmaps shares a marketing study that is highlighted on an, an international travel technology website.

Online PR News – 06-January-2011 – – Wenonah, NJ - January 06, 2010 -- Mattsonmaps President and former professor at Temple University in Philadelphia just published a white paper in the prestigious travel tech news site called The White Paper, as summation of a market research study done in conjunction with the Rohrer Business School at Rowan University, surveyed 650 destination marketing organization to determine tool use and plans for tool acquisition. For the purpose of this study, Mattsonmaps defined tools as interactive and downloadable maps, events calendars, itineraries-builders, newsletters, coupons, slideshows, advertisements, and data mining utilities.

The survey was used to demonstrate a five-class taxonomy based on tool use, DMO size, and organizational staffing. It also recorded respondent commentary providing useful insights into otherwise statistical findings.

An early review of the article said, “[The article] is an early must-read for the year…”

Mattsonmaps found that DMOs fell into one or several of the following categories: (1) Capacity Under-Performers; (2) Technology Prisoners; (3) Widows and Orphans; (4) Big Men on Campus; and (5) Market Under-Performers.

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