Joan of Arc’s 599th Birthday Celebrated in 2011 at

The 599th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s birthday is this Thursday, January 6, 2011,
and, the world’s largest website about Joan of Arc, is celebrating her birthday with a special page containing historic details about her birth

Online PR News – 06-January-2011 – – Thursday January 6, 2011, marks the 599th anniversary of Saint Joan of Arc’s birthday and, the world’s largest website about Joan of Arc, is celebrating her birthday with a special page containing many historic details about her birth.

"It was during the night of the Epiphany of Our Lord when men are wont most joyfully to recall the acts of Christ that she first saw the light in this mortal life” describes the birth of Joan of Arc and is an actual quote from one of Joan’s contemporaries. The special page at dedicated to celebrating Joan of Arc’s birthday contains other similar descriptions of Joan’s birth and childhood by the people who knew her best when she was alive. As author Ben D. Kennedy of explains: “The mission of both the book Maid of Heaven and the website is to help people to learn the true and complete history of Saint Joan of Arc. Using actual quotes by Joan and the people who knew her while she was alive is integral to successfully accomplishing this mission.”

Kennedy goes on to explain how the birthday of Joan of Arc is a great time to remind people about the significance of Joan of Arc’s life. “Joan of Arc is probably the most famous women to ever live and her great deeds continue to inspire people today. Her birthday anniversary is a chance for people to remember her and celebrate her life and history. Most people have heard Joan’s name but are not aware of all that she accomplished in her short life. Her birthday on the Epiphany is a detail that most have never heard about before and are amazed at the timing of her birth on this special day of Christian significance.”

For anyone unfamiliar with Joan of Arc’s full history she lived for only nineteen years but the brilliance of her life has inspired people ever since resulting in more books and artwork dedicated to her than anyone else in history except Jesus Christ. Joan was the youngest person in history at only seventeen to command the armies of a nation. She won two of the greatest military victories in all of world history at the battles of Orleans and Patay. Despite her military successes she was ultimately captured by her enemies and convicted of heresy in a rigged trial and burned at the stake where she died at a young nineteen years of age. Throughout her life she maintained her great faith in God and was ultimately rewarded in 1920 when she was canonized a Saint by the same Church that had once condemned her to death by fire.

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