Unixplorer Launches An Exclusive Study Abroad Interactive Portal for Students

Unixplorer has launched an interactive portal for the students

Online PR News – 11-August-2017 – Noida/Uttar Pradesh – India, August. 10: Unixplorer has launched an interactive portal for the students to interact directly with admissions personnel at the university or colleges they have applied to for higher studies. Revolutionising the trend of interactions among students and the admissions offices of the educational institutions, this interactive portal enables students to connect directly to the respective colleges or universities of their choice.rnUnixplorer.com has long been serving the interests of students willing to pursue a study program abroad with it vast searchable database of details about the programs in leading universities all around the world. The launch of this new portal further advances the website's reach into the student population seeking answers about admission details at specific universities.This user-friendly portal can be accessed at http://unixplorer.com/unixplorer/student/login. The students will only require to key in their unixplorer.com login details (an email id and valid password), or, in case they do not have an account, create one with unixplorer.com to access the portal that connects them directly to the admissions offices of the universities and colleges abroad.For hundreds of students who harbor dreams of studying abroad, Unixplorer.com has aided them with each step of the path towards transforming that dream into a reality. This latest service offered by the top-notch education advisory website comes as a refreshing avenue to explore for interested students. As Unixplorer constantly strives to deliver the best possible solutions to all problems and issues related to studying abroad; this interactive portal for students stands out as a stellar facility because it makes effective use of the state-of-the-art technology at its disposal.By bringing help from the university admissions offices virtually at their doorstep, the portal blends innovation and technique with the extensive network of unixplorer.com in colleges and universities all around the globe and helps students take informed decisions about their future and wisely choose study programs best suited to them at the educational institutions abroad. Leading the way in bridging the gap between international students and educational institutions all around the globe, the launch of this portal indeed takes the vision of higher education for all another step forward. Thanks to unixplorer.com’s new portal, having a chat with university officials regarding any admission query is now just a few clicks away.