TheOneSpy MAC Tracking Software Launches Sync Settings

The Sync Settings let the user set preferences for what he/she wants the TheOneSpy to track and what not.

Online PR News – 11-August-2017 – Sydney, Australia – TheOneSpy once again proves itself the most user-friendly monitoring software letting the users have better control on spying with Sync Settings. The user can now set preferences and choose only what he/she wants the spying software to sync. Using the sync settings, the user can ON the chosen feature and OFF the undesirable one.

Whether these are parents, married couples or business owners who want to keep track of the activities performed by the children, spouses, and employees on MAC computer or laptops, each one of them can pick out the desired TheOneSpy features and get rid of the unwanted ones with a simple click. For instance, if parents only want to use the Website Blocking feature to make the web surfing safe for their kids and they do not need the Screen Recording feature, they can go to sync setting to ON the Website Blocking feature and OFF the Screen Recording. Similarly, the employers who think that Key Logger and Website Blocking features are enough for them, they can OFF all the TheOneSpy features except two of them.
To get access to the MAC Sync Settings (, the user needs to log into the TOS user control panel providing the username and password. Now, scroll through the main menu and tap on Sync Settings. Here you can start or stop the functioning of each feature of the spy software simply by moving On or OFF button in front of each feature.

About TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a tracking software developed by an IT company based in Australia to facilitate ethical supervision of the activities performed by the children, spouses, and workforce on their internet-connected-devices. The company offers enhanced versions of the spying software to government and non-government agencies.