150K FaceTimeā„¢ Calls And Counting

The FTFun Service has logged over 150K international FaceTimeā„¢ calls between its growing user community and geotagged them for your viewing enjoyment.

Online PR News – 06-January-2011 – – New Jersey, USA - FTFun released its latest statistics today regarding calls made between its members. The service now boasts over 11K users in what is being referred to as the "Premier FaceTimeā„¢ Community". Calls have been logged between over 130 countries of origin represented by this vastly diverse and rapidly growing community. Since the service opened its doors back in June of 2010, over 150K calls have been logged between its users.

In an effort to share some of the trends in worldwide FaceTimeā„¢ calling, FTFun has also released actual logs that have been ported to Google KML files for viewing within either Google Maps or Google Earth. The KML files come in three flavors: logs that show the calls made over the last three hours, logs that show all of the calls made the previous day, and logs that represent calls being made in a near real-time manner (updated every two minutes). For privacy reasons, these logs display call origin and destination from and to the capitals of the respective countries or states.

To assist in deciphering the maps, blue lines represent calls made using the FTFun App (being sold in the Apple App Store), and red lines represent calls initiated from the FTFun web site. Below are the links to each of the three logs.

Last Three Hours (updated every hour):

Viewable in Google Maps - Visit link at the bottom of this release for the full HTML version.

Direct KML download (for Google Maps or Google Earth):

Yesterday's Call Data - Visit link at the bottom of this release for the full HTML version. (as many calls are made daily, it is recommended to only view in Google Earth; it is quite difficult to view this on Google Maps):

Direct KML download (for Google Maps or Google Earth):

Live Data (updated every two minutes):

Viewable in Google Maps - Visit link at the bottom of this release for the full HTML version.

Direct KML download (for Google Maps or Google Earth):
Visit link at the bottom of this release for the full HTML version.

The FTFun Team is committed to enhancing and updating the service. As The Community continues to grow, we expect to keep seeing great things from this service. To help display this great information, FTFun has now posted a call count in the header of each and every page within its website. This information is updated every five minutes. With this, users are enabled to see how quickly the number grows from 150K and beyond.

FTFun is a free service that was created to connect FaceTimeā„¢ device owners (iPhoneā„¢ 4, 4th Generation iPodā„¢ Touch, etc.), around the world and to let them experience the magic that is FaceTimeā„¢ with other eager and ready users instantly!

FTFun, based in New Jersey, USA, was conceived just as Steve Jobs, the CEO of Appleā„¢, introduced FaceTimeā„¢ to the world at WWDC - 2010, on June 7, 2010. The service was launched on June 26, 2010, only two days after Apple's iPhone 4 was released. FTFun is a FaceTimeā„¢ Community that was created with the initial purpose of simply allowing iPhoneā„¢ 4 (now including iPodā„¢ Touch and Macā„¢), users to try out the FaceTimeā„¢ feature of their device. It uses a Web Application to connect its users. As of October 23, 2010, the FTFun service released an App in the Apple App Storeā„¢ (an update to the App was also released December 23, 2010, included a new No Ads version). FTFun's population of users has since grown to span over 130 Countries (Top ten: United States, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain and Australia - Top ten call routes: United States to United States, Brazil to United States, United States to Brazil, United States to Saudi Arabia, Brazil to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to United States, China to United States, United States to Canada, Canada to United States and Thailand to United States).

Full HTML version of this release available at http://www.ftfun.com/PR_010111.php. All links and Contact Us information are accessible from this URL.

Rahway, NJ, USA