Popularity of Printed Photo Books Rising Dramatically

An overview of the decline in use of printed digital photos and increase in the photo book market.

Online PR News – 05-January-2011 – – Back in 2006, digital photo printing overtook film printing. Now it looks as though digital photo printing is the one set to decline, with online ordering falling 14% in 2010. The rising star in the world of digital photography? Printed photo books.

While a recent survey shows that about half of US households haven't even heard of these high quality photo books, the market has a huge amount of room for growth-- and continues to grow each year, with the percentage of consumers buying photo books as gifts doubling from 2008 to 2009.

“I think the gift I'll always remember giving was a photo book commemorating the long life of my grandmother. The delight of watching my family re-live those memories, with quotes and snippets from Grandma's life... it really was priceless,” said Amber Murphy, a frequent user of photo book creation software.

Photo books are now so popular that there are third-party websites dedicated to helping consumers find the best publisher and product for their needs. One such website is Make-Your-Own-Photobooks.com. This site offers photo book reviews, a list of photo book publishers, tips for choosing the right publisher and product, and ideas for creating a photo book.

“The site is intended to help consumers who are already in the know choose the right printing service for their photo book. I also want to get the word out to that other 50%! I don't know anybody who has decided to make a photo book and regretted it... it's a wonderful product and a huge market is out there waiting.” said Karen Dreisigacker, creator of Make-Your-Own-Photobooks.

In a recent poll of the site's users, 78% of people thought that photo books are a higher quality product than traditional photo prints, and 65% plan to create more photo books in the future. Especially in light of the large percentage of the market that has yet to discover photo books, it could really be a product on the brink of explosive growth.

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