Everex Restarts Its Initial Coin Offerig (ICO) For The Second Time | Token Sale Continues

Everex is a start-up company that aims to build a quicker and better international remittance system - using a blockchain technology.

Online PR News – 11-August-2017 – Metro Manila Philippines – Forget the days of money transfer delay as Everex restarts its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the second time. It aims to bring its remittance services to a higher level creating a secured global system powered by the blockchain technology.

The Singaporean start-up makes use of its first-ever Ethereum Mobile Wallet. This app wallet allows anyone to transfer fiat currency without added foreign exchange fees.

B2B companies and consumers need Everex to end corruption in the remittance industry. Listed below are the 10 reasons why investing in Everex is the right decision.

1. Money transfer delays means frustration. Everex hates it too so it provides immediate access to an array of microfinancing services.

2. The goal of working abroad is to support family daily needs. With Everex, anyone in the world can have the most convenient and the most inexpensive system for migrant workers to send money home.

3. The real purpose of vacation is to relax. Tourists in foreign countries don’t need to spend time falling in line for currency exchange. That's why, Team Everex allows every one to buy and use any currency anywhere in the world.

4. There's an easy and publicly auditable distribution of funds to developing countries. This way, American Red Cross (ARC) can send financial support to Philippine Red Cross (PRC) with less or without extensive paperwork.

5. Borrowing and purchasing any currency is as easy as with a click of a button. It’s completely safe too.

6. Shopping is made possible every day. Men and women enjoy the perks of going out to shop for something to wear and for something to use. Anyone can pay vendors and service providers globally.

7. Everex supports the value of cryptocurrency. Yet, it doesn’t mean it neglects the standard features of various payment systems. Withdraw cash at local ATMs is still allowed so is local currency exchanges and retailers worldwide.

8. There is no additional fees. The app allows every one to send money anywhere and withdraw to their bank accounts at a cost of a local transaction.

9. Paranoia is a great enemy; therefore, security is the top priority in the list. With the blockchain technology, it’s now possible for anyone to send payments with a secured one-time PIN code.

10. A cryptocurrency is a virtual money. A smart contract, on the other hand, is a virtual contract. Everex stores all financial transactions here.

It is a public ledger but the essential information about the owner such as name and address remains confidential. Consumers and B2Bs can easily access their smart contracts without problems.

Team Everex is composed of talented and technology enthusiasts. Alexi Lane acts as the CEO and Founder. He is a Fintech entrepreneur and investor with two years training in blockchain development and with more than 15 years of experience in capital markets, financial services and payments.

“Our goal is to create a positive significance and give financial access to the Bottom of the Pyramid population. An important aspect of our vision here at Everex is making a difference for the better in people’s everyday lives. That’s why we’ve joined the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC): to join a growing coalition of blockchain products and solutions designed to address social and environmental challenges.”

Early this month, Everex announces its partnership with MicroMoney, the Myanmar based micro-lending platform. MicroMoney allows Everex to access over 450,000 unique customers and registered users.