Wednesday Food Distribution Coming from Irving Park Community Food Pantry

Local food pantry announces distribution service this upcoming Wednesday.

Online PR News – 10-August-2017 – Chicago – Irving Park Community Food Pantry will be turning the food distribution world on its head with the launch of food distribution on Wednesday, an ongoing service that offers not only food giveaway but also many additional services for needy people in Chicago, such as SNAP application help, help with housing, as well as route people in right direction with all their needs.

Food distribution on Wednesday will be an exciting addition to the Chicago food depository efforts, and will offer in addition to food distribution also all for the pets needs. Pantry already offer SNAP application assistance and help to homeless people. Pantry also offers necessities for pet owners. As well as there is a delivery of meals for people who is disabled and cannot pick up food in person.

Pantry will be open every Wednesday from 9am to 11am and will serve on first come first serve basis.

"I love that there will be help for the needy in our neighborhood," says Michael Smith of Irving park, - "I might need it some day too, never know how economy will do, and it is good to have a back up."

About: Irving Park Community Food Pantry located in north west part of Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood and serves people who is in need for help in Chicago, and open 9 am to 12pm. Team of people who dedicated their time to give is managed by executive director John Psiharis.

Contact Information:
John Psiharis - Executive director
Irving Park Community Food Pantry
3801 N. Keeler Avenue, Chicago IL 60641
Ph: 773-283-6296 (Toll free: 800-521-7560)
Fax: 773-283-5945