Account Based Marketing Circle awarded to New Moon Digital.

New Moon Digital Awarded Wisconsin Circle Leader for Flip My Funnel, an Account Based Marketing System

Online PR News – 10-August-2017 – Milwaukee, WI – New Moon Digital is now the only Circle Leader in Wisconsin for Flip my Funnel, and account based marketing solution. New Moon calls this portion of their service ABM IQ, which came to be after a phone call from a potential client. This client heard about the ability to use customer data to create marketing and advertising campaigns that delivered relevant content, to the right people in targeted accounts. One Google search later it was clear that not only are our methods on-point, but we had also been ahead of the game. Account Based Marketing is a new ball game and is one of the best online marketing solutions for the B2B industry. The difference is that takes an entirely new way of thinking, but it's worth it. The results of implementing account based marketing are incredibly powerful. To learn more about New Moon Digital and Account Based Marketing, you can visit their website at