comes with new and innovative ANPR solution

The website has successfully launched an APNR lighting solution that has revolutionized the traffic system application all over the world.

Online PR News – 06-January-2011 – – The website is promoting high intensity ANPR solution for lighting. ANPR solution is capable of providing a solid and intelligent traffic system application. The high power ANPR light sources are used in providing ITS system integrators. ANPR solution has proved to provide an efficient lighting solution to a range of traffic monitoring application.

The company Gardasoft is known to provide comprehensive machine vision arrangement to various industries for the past ten years. The website aspires to maintain the popularity of the company by providing turnkey lighting options to the industries. The range of products that are found on the website shows the companies strive to produce a portfolio of quality products with continuous research and development.

All the products displayed are of above par standards and delivered with precision and within time. The products have gained world wide recognition and the company profile has further added to the popularity of the products as displayed on the website

The ANPR light has been designed to facilitate mass surveillance and it uses the process of optical character recognition for reading the license plates of the various vehicles. The APNR solution also provides the capacity to store the images for later reading and analysis.

The range of APNR applications has some common features like rapid strobe rates for sequence imaging and dynamic intensity control. The APNR lights have been customized to function in the harshest of environmental condition. They provide a wide range of infra red and visible wavelengths. The products are strongly market driven and their efficiency has resulted in the increase in their growth. All the products have been tested for EMC and safety and are in accordance with the regulations of European CE.

APNR solutions and APNR lights are very affordable and have a varied industrial utility. These applications are worth their cost and provide high definition lighting systems and solutions.

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