Being Green While Saving Green

Saving Money while going Green is what D & R Energy Services wants to help Customers do.

Online PR News – 26-October-2009 – – D & R Energy Services, Inc. is helping residential and commercial customers be and see GREEN.
D & R Energy Services has announced they will be helping their customers see GREEN while being GREEN. Robert Craig, Senior Engineer of D & R Energy Services states, “With new incentives from Detroit Edison, Consumers Power and the Federal Tax Credit, customers can see savings of 60% to 80% on a Solar System install. Also, customers can see cash back from their utility each and every month”.
Solar Power is nothing new. The earth is heated by solar every day, rain or shine and has been since the dawn of time. If not for the sun, the earth would not be inhabited. Electricity can be made on cloudy days and sunny days, rainy or snowy days too. Would you believe that on a clear, crisp winter day you can produce more power than a clear summer day? Hard to believe, but true.
“If you have a south or southwest facing area on your roof or in your yard then you can install solar and create electricity while helping the environment”, states Deanna Craig of D & R Energy. Deanna goes on to say, “Why not use nature to help preserve nature and make money doing it”.
If you would like further information on Solar Power, please contact D & R Energy Services, Inc. and they will be happy to assist you with your questions or set an appointment to give you a site analysis and help you be GREEN while seeing GREEN.